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ISP and Internet Service Internship Report

ISP and Internet Service


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer access to the Internet and other network resources to their customers. The ISP marketplace is extremely competitive, requiring ISPs to provide their services with limited resources. In this study, I use constrained optimization to reflect the tensions between changing customer demands and infrastructure costs that the ISP faces in its investment decisions. Specifically, I model the traffic routing decisions, the investment in augmenting capacity decisions, and the investment in building network infrastructure decisions made by ISPs.

That is why I choose subject of my report is “ISP and Internet Service”. Working in live servers at Information Service Network Ltd. added huge experiences in upcoming career. Solving real life problems was another key issue. This report takes us through all the details of networking knowledge and experience gathered during this internship period.

In this report I focus primarily on explaining the factors that lead to changes in network performance and extract investment policies for ISPs to maximize the effectiveness of limited resources.



Board of examiners













1.1 Introduction

1.2 Motivation
1.3 Internship Objectives
1.4 Introduction to the Company

1.5 Report Layout


2.1 Introduction
2.2 Product and Market Situation

2.2.1 Internet

2.2.2 Hardware

2.2.3 Antivirus

2.2.4 Publication

2.2.5 Data Link

2.2.6 Networking

2.2.7 VPN

2.2.8 Software

2.2.9 Domain & Hosting

2.2.10 Shared Package

2.2.11 Online Pre-Registration System

2.2.12 IP Telephony Service

2.2.13 Outsourcing
2.3 Target Group

2.4 SWOT Analysis

2.5 Organizational Structure


3.1 Daily Task and Activities
3.2 Events and Activities

3.2.1 Eudora

3.2.2 Winbox

3.2.3 SNMP

3.2.4 Real time monitoring interface

3.2.5 Observium

3.2.6 Nagstatamon
3.3 Project Task and Activities

3.3.1 MikroTik router OS V 2.7 Basic Setup MikroTik Basic configuration MikroTik WAN and LAN configuration MikroTik  gateway configuration MikroTik  DNS configuration MikroTik  NAT configuration MikroTik  DHCP server configuration

3.4 Challenges


4.1 Competencies Earned

4.2 Smart Plan

4.3 Reflections





5.1 Discussion and Conclusion
5.2 Scope for Further Career





























































Figure 1.1 ISN head office address



Figure 2.1 Figure shows product and services provides 

Figure 2.2 Domain registration yearly price

Figure 2.3 ISN offered packages

Figure 2.4 Online Pre-registration system

Figure 2.5 IP telephony system

Figure 2.6 SWOT analysis of ISN

Figure 2.7 Organogran of Information Service Network Ltd.

Figure 3.1 Eudora home page

Figure 3.2 Winbox home page after opening (.exe) file

Figure 3.3 SNMP Management Protocol home page

Figure 3.4 Real time interface monitoring home page

Figure 3.5 Observium home page

Figure 3.6 Nagstamon home page

Figure 3.7 Welcome screen of mikrotik application

Figure 3.8 Microtik routers controlling web page

Figure 3.9 Accept the security warning, if any

Figure 3.10 The winbox.exe program opens the Winbox login window

Figure 3.11 The Winbox console is opened after the plugins have been downloaded

Figure 3.12 admin home page after log in to microtik router

Figure 3.13: Simple network diagram of MikroTik router.

Figure 3.14: WAN configuration in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.15: LAN configuration in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.16: Gateway configuration in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.17: DNS configuration in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.18: NAT configuration in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.19: DHCP Server window and DHCP interface Setup in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.20: DHCP address space Setup in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.21: Choose gateway address in DHCP network.

Figure 3.22: Provide IP range from which DHCP client in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.23: Provide DNS server IP and IP lease time which DHCP client in MikroTik router.

Figure 3.24: Show successful DHCP Setup massage.


































  1. Introduction

Internship is known as to gain sensible experiences from the different organizations that will help a lot to make a relation between the theoretical & practical knowledge. It adds valuable experience to the student’s future career path.

As a student of Computer science & engineering (CSE) of Daffodil International University, I have studied a lot of networking, Network Security, Operating System courses during Last 3 years. But this is insufficient to know the computer networking, network security, operating system because it’s a vast area of the modern technology, As a result to get a Proper knowledge about Transmission networking. I was interested to do this internship in any Internet service provider (ISP) and IT related organization.

This Internship Report is “Internet Service Providing “At Information Service Network Ltd . This report covers the whole project which I have done more about the Internet Service Providing.

  1. Motivation

I found out that Information Service Network Ltd has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction & services. Information Service Network Ltd is well known and one of the top ISP service provider in Bangladesh. I know that the combination of my experience, education to computer science & engineering will make me an asset to Information Service Network Ltd.

I expect to elicit me to several new challenges and which will give me with a steep learning Information Service Network Ltd. I believe this internship will give me the ideal opportunity to extend my profession. As I am an intern, I was contributing Information Service Network Ltd workflow and learn as much as I can. Information Service Network Ltd internship experience will provide me an idea about my future life and will be a harsh step for my future education & in my profession





1.3 Internship Objectives

  • Gain practical knowledge about computer networking.
  • Gain practical knowledge about  Nationwide ISP.
  • Mastering technical skills
  • Gaining essential background knowledge
  • Perfecting interpersonal skills
  • Communicates well with people
  • Shows enthusiasm and energy
  • Works well with others
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve administrative skills
  • Improve analytical and research skills
  • Knowledge of key professionals
  • Understanding of professional ethics, values and beliefs
  • Knowledge of professional associations activities
  • Knowledge of professional journals and newsletters

1.4 Introduction to the Company

Information Services Network (ISN). is the path finder of Nationwide Internet Service Provider. It provides Internet Service anywhere in Bangladesh with updated technology, quality of service, availability & Square’s Long-term Commitment. It is currently providing dedicated internet bandwidth through its own VSAT & Radio in the Dhaka,Chittagong,Khulnacity and anywhere in the country. Now any one can enjoy high quality, high speed and permanent Internet connection 24 hours a day with high internet bandwidth. Information Services Network (ISN).offers a lot of options to select suitable internet service. It also offers complete Web Solution including Web Development, Domain Registration, Hosting, POP3 mail and Web mail access, etc.


ISN: Bangladesh joined the Net on June 6, 1996 through Information Services Network (ISN) Limited with first ever 64 kbps VSAT transmitting and receiving data via a Hong Kong Gateway. Since then ISN has not looked back, but pressed ahead with the fastest and the most efficient as well as technologically sound super service for its valued clients who are growing in highest numerical proportion day by day.

In the year 1997 and 1998, the company consolidated its operations in all areas especially in Internet and turned its system to achieve high professional standard. The year 1999 exhibited a significant advancement for its joint venture agreement with a foreign partner. In 2001, ISN invested fund to expand its services at Khulna by setting a branch ISP using own VSAT based satellite link, which has eventually provided a unique position for the company to render additional Internet service coverage to the South Western population of the country. A new voice activated only phone based internet access service was introduced by the company in 2002.

Company has so far been successful to put together a professional team of IT Specialists, Engineers, Customer Support Personnel and Marketing team who are serving this pioneer company round the clock to grow as one of the largest and most versatile IT Company in the country.

ISN is a Public Limited Company and its shares have been traded in both Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Exchange since 19th May, 2002. In the figure 2.1 shows ISN Ltd. head office addresses. ISN has taken the complete solution, consultancy and Technology support from Virtual American Companies LLC, a USA based company that is working in the field of telecommunication for quite some time [1].


Figure 1.1: ISN head office address.

1.5 Report Layout

Layout includes such things as the chapter objective details type of paper chosen, the margins, the line spacing, the pagination, and the incorporation of equations, illustrations, and references. Table 1 presents general specifications for the page layouts.


Chapter 1: I have mentioned details on about ISP and networking introduction. Objective include some facility about internship as save the time and resource ,reduce the number of workers, reduce the work load, easy to search any record. Report layout is the short overview of full report chapters.

Chapter 2: I have described about internship enterprise like About the Company, IT Services Offered, SWOT analysis and structure of organization.

Chapter 3: Tasks, Projects and Activities like Daily Task and Activities, Events and Activities, Project Task and Activities include MikroTik basic configuration WAN,LAN,DNS,DHCP and describe the Challenges

Chapter 4: I have described Competencies Earned , Smart Plan , Reflections of internship.

Chapter 5: simply I have mentioned about Conclusion and Future Career




2.1 Introduction

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an industry that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet and other related services. This report aims to introduce the reader to the idea of Internet service provision, the services offered, the main players in the industry, and its current state and its trends. It details the different types of types of access, and the physical structure of an ISP. It also describes the services offered by ISPs, both basic services and premium services.

There is looks at the ISP market, analyzing the market forces and the influential environment and also looks at the main players in the market, examining each individually, and identifying their characteristics. Four general areas of threats to ISPs are outlined in following portion. It also identifies the main trends in the ISP market and suggests emerging trends.

At last it sums up the main ideas of the report. Internet users access and send information either through individual connections or through organizations such as universities or businesses. Users are either those who use the Internet primarily to receive information, or content creators who use the Internet to distribute information. ISPs connect those end users to Internet backbone networks, which interconnect with other backbone providers.










2.2 Product and Market Situation

ISN Ltd. provides the following services to the subscribers. Following figure 2.2 shows it.

Figure 2.1: figure shows product and services provides.


2.2.1 Internet Broadband

. Features of Our Broadband

. Corporate Broadband Commercial Broadband Pre-Paid Post-Paid Bandwidth Resale

2.2.2 Hardware ECR


2.2.3 Antivirus Kaspersky Bit defender Dail-up Internet

ISN offers Dial-up Internet access for E-mail; web Browsing and any other Internet Service or Applications to customers through convenient on-line Registration and user friendly software.

2.2.4 Publication PC world – Bangladesh

2.2.5 Data Link Point-to-point data link: Single to Multiple Point Data Link:

2.2.6 Networking SOHO Network Corporate Network

2.2.7 VPN Corporate VPN Solution VPN for Email

2.2.8 Software Software development Customize business solution Web design Web Maintenance

2.2.9 Domain & Hosting

ISN Ltd. provides domain and hosting packages. In the figure 2.2 shows its yearly cost per domain registration.

Figure 2.2: domain registration yearly price.

2.2.10 Shared Package

ISN Ltd. Provides many shared packages with domain and hosting packages. In the figure 2.3 shows its packages, duration and prices.

Figure 2.3: ISN offered packages.

2.2.11 Online Pre-Registration System

ISN Ltd. provides online pre-registration system too. For registration user can visit our web site and can fill the registration form. In the figure 2.6 shows online pre-registration form for the users.

Figure 2.4: Online Pre-registration system.



2.2.12 IP Telephony Service

service facilities round the clock. In the figure 2.7 shows IP telephony system for users. For more information about BTEL converged communication solutions, please

Figure 2.5: IP telephony system.

 IP Telephony: Its operation

BTEL routes your phone calls over the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol, rather than telephone lines. But even though your phone uses the Internet, it has nothing to do with your computer. In fact, you do not need to turn your computer on to use BTEL. Even the people you call don’t need to have BTEL or the Internet to get your call – just a normal phone. And when someone calls you, your phone rings as usual.

Setup is easy. Just connect the BTEL adapter to your high-speed Internet and connect your telephone to the adapter.

2.2.13 Outsourcing About Outsourcing

ISN is the first internet service provider in Bangladesh. Beside the business we have another unit to provide creative services internationally. We have a dynamic force, especially for offshore creative work and would like to provide services globally. Please contact us for your total Design and creative Solution.

The fields of services are – Web Design Solution

1) Static web design,

  • Custom web design,
  •  e commerce web application,
  • CMS website design,
  • Flash web design,
  • Flash intro design,
  • Flash panel design and
  • Site hosting,
  • Site Maintenance Graphic Design

2) Print Advertising

  • POS Material
  • Press Kit
  • Annual Report
  • Calendar
  • Planner
  • Billboard etc. Identity Design

3) Company Logo

  • Stationeries
  •  Branding
  • Packaging Data conversion

4) Image to text

  • Path clipping
  • PDF conversion Presentation Making

5) PowerPoint

  • Video presentation
  • Interactive Presentation


2.3 Target Group

Information service network (ISN) has come a long way and still has many miles to go. Quality product and customer satisfaction, the principles on which. Information service network (ISN) was formed, still continue to be their primary objective and they strive ceaselessly to improve on them. In near future ISN intends to start collaboration with organizations like summit, Fiber@Home and other likeminded organizations to provide their services in Bangladesh. It has a ultimate vision to join other exchanges of the region to develop a regional exchange with the Internet Exchanges of other neighboring City in The Bangladesh. To promote, develop, operate, manage and sustain any form of information exchange points (including but not necessarily confined to Internet exchange, root servers, domain name servers, country code top level server, network operation centers) nationally, regionally and locally through various technical and organizational means for the development of information management capabilities in the country.


2.4 SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a Project or in a business venture. Identification of SWOTs is important because they can inform later steps in planning to achieve the objective.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threat. This is a very important tool for a company to analyze its internal and external environment [4].

C:UsersCallCenterDesktopISN SWOT.jpg

Figure 2.6: SWOT analysis of ISN.

2.4.1 Strengths

  • Highly Professional employees.
  • Not only internet service but also total IT or telecom service provider
  • Strong capital support.
  • Large customer base
  • Low cost services.
  • We have low overheads, so we can offer good value to customers.
  • Various option of services.
  • Easy deployment of new services
  • Quality support services.
  • Various product and services.
  • Own property and equipment.
  • Highly secured service.
  • Huge Optical Fiber network and associated bandwidth

2.4.2 Weaknesses

  • Lower speed of Internet than other others.
  • Management personnel from non-IT sector.
  • Absence of update product and service.
  • Low salaries to employees.
  • No proper marketing plan.
  • Not enough public relation
  • No Advertisements.
  • Poor marketing strategy
  • Poor franchise network
  • Bad office culture.
  • Old Technology.
  • Procedural delays
  • Poor IT penetration within organization
  • Poor knowledge Management

2.4.3 Opportunities

  • Top Management has recently appointed new board of directors to improve the service quality.
  • Untapped broadband services.
  • Economic development.
  • Increased Socialization.
  • Launch of new services.
  • Setup plants in different cities.
  • New and competitive price structure.
  • Huge demand of Internet services.
  • Withdrawal of BTTB rules.

2.4.4 Threats

  • Establishment of new ISPs.
  • Aggressive marketing from other operators.
  • Competition from private operators.
  • Increased marketing /operating cost.
  • People can get Internet connection cheaper rate than before.
  • New products and technologies.
  • Manpower churning.
  • Decreasing per line revenues due to competitive pricing.
  • Easier and user friendly technology using by other companies.
  • Government VAT, Tax.
  • Rigid government regulations






2.5 Organizational Structure

The Chairman and Managing Director of the company are two members. They also own more then five other companies under the banner of Information service network (ISN). ISN is run by a Chief Operating Officer who takes care of the overall operation of the company. Professionally highly skilled staffs are working at ISN to run the organization efficiently. This includes persons from network and system engineering, vendor and external relation management, business development and finance and administration. The company is divided into ten departments and the departments are [4]:

  • System
  • Sales
  • Relationship
  • Credit Control
  • Infrastructure
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing
  • HR & Logistics
  • Accounts &Finance




Organogran of Information Service Network Ltd.



Figure 2.7: Organogran of Information Service Network Ltd.








Organogran of Support Branch


Figure 2.7.1:Organogran of Support Branch.










Organogran of the Administration and Accounts Department.

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReportCapture.JPG

Figure 2.7.2:Organogram of Administration and Account Department of ISN.



3.1 Daily Task and Activities

I have completed four month Internship in a organization ISN.I have to Task and Activities every day. It was many tasks and activities in Information Service Network those are give bellow.

  • Solved the problems of the clients regarding the Internet and to install programs in the applicants Pc.
  • installation of necessary software and hardware for every client.
  • Mail configure& Troubleshoot in eudora and outlook.
  • Determine software and hardware problems & solve the problems, replace faulty components, when necessary.
  • Configure Operating system software, hardware software, networking software & others components.
  • MikroTik, wireless router, DVR,,CCTV, Wi-Fi camera, configuration as per client requirement.
  • Configure and deploy Oracle VM Virtual Box and install, backup to all configuration.
  • Maintain computer networks, computer hardware, systems software, applications software & all configurations.
  • User and Group Maintenance
  • Regularly Security Cheek Performance Monitoring
  • Install SNMPc management software and monitoring the point-of-presence (POP),Cisco Router, Switch and important client.
  • According to the necessary Using Command Prompt for find the Problem.
  • Using Total Network Monitoring Software for Checking Cisco Switch Port.
  • Install and use Win box for MikroTik router configuration and maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues.


3.2 Events and Activities


3.2.1 Eudora

Eudora is a comprehensive electronic mail (email) software program that accesses your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or network to receive and send your email messages.

In Eudora, you can write messages and send them with custom stationery and signatures. You can send files, both text and graphic, created in other programs and “attach” them to your email messages. You can forward messages, redirect them, or reply to all recipients of a message.

You can set up mailboxes and folders for your mail and build “filters” to sort messages, alert you, and even send an automatic reply.

All your favorite addresses can be stored in your personal address book, or you can let Eudora search for addresses for you. And if you use more than one ISP, Eudora allows you to create “multiple personalities,” to send and receive mail to multiple accounts [5].

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReporteudora-4.jpg

Figure 3.1: Eudora home page.


3.2.2 Winbox

Winbox is a small utility that allows administration of MikroTik RouterOS using a fast and simple GUI. It is a native Win32 binary, but can be run on Linux and MacOS (OSX) using Wine. All Winbox interface functions are as close as possible to Console functions, that is why there are no Winbox sections in the manual. Some of advanced and system critical configurations are not possible from winbox, like MAC address change on an interface [5].

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReportimage.jpg

Figure 3.2: Winbox home page after opening (.exe) file.














3.2.3 SNMP

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a protocol used for managing or monitoring devices, where many of these devices are network-type devices such as routers, switches, and so on. SNMP enables a single application to first retrieve information, then push new information between a wide range of systems independent of the underlying hardware [5].

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReportsnmpcNetflow.png

Figure 3.3: SNMP Management Protocol home page.







3.2.4 Real time interface monitoring

The Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor software can be installed on any modern 32- or 64-bit edition of Windows desktop and server operating systems.

Solar Winds Real-Time Interface Monitor can display many statistics from Routers and Switches simultaneously.  Statistics such as Interface / Port status, time of last change, current receive and transmit traffic rates, interface percent utilization, duplex settings, collisions, alignment errors, runts, giants, and many others.

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReport�004_ETS_10-7_Real-Time-Interface-Monitor_Lg_EN.jpg

Figure 3.4:Real time interface monitoring home page.






3.2.5 Observium

Observium is a low-maintenance auto-discovering network monitoring platform supporting a wide range of device types, platforms and operating systems including Cisco, Windows, Linux, HP, Juniper, Dell, FreeBSD, Brocade, Netscaler, NetApp and many more. Observium focuses on providing a beautiful and powerful yet simple and intuitive interface to the health and status of your network [5].

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReport900px-Screenshots-port.png

Figure 3.5:Observium home page.


3.2.6 Nagstamon

Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor which takes place in siesta or on desktop. Nagstamon is a utility that displays the status of hosts and services in op5 Monitor in the form of a floating icon or system tray icon.

The utility also allows you to handle hosts and services that are currently experiencing issues:

  • Acknowledge.
  • Add scheduled downtime.
  • Recheck (reschedule check).
  • Go directly to the op5 Monitor web interface for the specific host/service [5].

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReport

Figure 3.6 :Nagstamon home page.







3.3 Project Task and Activities

Here I give some work which I have done in Information Service Network (ISN) during Internship. Some Router setup, some software installation and some monitoring system and their configuration procedures are given bellow.

3.3.1 MikroTik RouterOS™ V2.7 Basic Setup Description

An advanced 4th generation (core frequency 100MHz or more), 5th generation (Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6X86, AMD K5 or comparable) or newer Intel IA−32 (i386) compatible motherboard and processor(dual processors are not supported); from 32MB to 1GB RAM (from 48MB suggested); 30MB or more primary master IDE HDD or IDE flash drive.

Note: The hard disk will be entirely reformatted during the installation and all data on it will be lost! [6].

Figure 3.7: welcome screen of mikroTik application.

Figure 3.8: microtik routers controlling web page.

By clicking on the Winbox Console link you can start the winbox.exe download. Choose the option “Run this program from its current location” and click “OK”: in the figure 3.8 shows MicroTik router apps web page.

Figure 3.9 : Accept the security warning, if any.

Figure 3.10 : The winbox.exe program opens the Winbox login window.

Alternatively, you can save the winbox.exe program to your disk and run it from there.
The winbox.exe program opens the Winbox login window. Login to the router by specifying the IP address. In the figure 3.9 and 3.10 shows its installation processes [6].

Figure 3.11 : The Winbox console is opened after the plugins have been downloaded.

E:inturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTadmin.jpg

Figure 3.12: admin home page after log in to microtik router. MikroTik Basic configuration

MikroTik is one of the most usable routers to any system administrator of any ISP company or any office because of having a lot of networking services which help to make a stable and smooth network. MikroTik router is mainly popular for bandwidth control service, and graphical user interface (GUI) by the winbox software which helps to operate MikroTik router so easily as well as cheap price. This report is designed to show the basic configuration of a MikroTik Router and using winbox software.

MikroTik router basic configuration includes attributing IP addresses and enabling NAT for Using internet. MikroTik router basic configuration can be divided by 5 steps.

  • WAN and LAN configuration
  • Gateway configuration
  • DNS configuration
  • Local IP route by masquerade/NAT
  • DHCP Server configuration


Some other MikroTik configuration

  • MikroTik Queue and PCQ Management configuration
  • MikroTik Day Night Package management configuration
  • MikroTik Bridge and Master port configuration
  • MikroTik PPPoE server configuration
  • MikroTik Port forwarding configuration
  • MikroTik Failover configuration
  • MikroTik Load balancing configuration
  • Mikrotik website restriction configuration
  • MikroTik backup and restore

I’m given below information and a simple network diagram where one server and three users are connected to MikroTik router through a network switch and one interface of the router is connected to internet for accessing internet information.

According to simple network diagram, first interface (ether1/ port) is connected to ISP internet and this interface is WAN port. We will set up WAN IP (provided by ISP) in this interface. Second interface (ether2 port) is LAN interface and we will set our LAN Gateway in this interface. The users and server of this network are connected to MikroTik router trough a switch for accessing internet.

G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTmkt structure.jpg

Figure 3.13: Simple network diagram of MikroTik router. MikroTik WAN and LAN configuration

First step to basic configure a MikroTik router is to configure WAN and LAN IP addresses in WAN and LAN interface consequently. So, follow below steps to set WAN and LAN IP addresses in new MikroTik router.

  • Go to IP > Addresses menu. Address List window will appear now. Click on add new button (+) from Address List window. New Address window will shown. Put my WAN IP address (In this report: which is provided to me by ISP into the Address input box and then select interface (In this report: WAN) on which you want to set WAN IP from the Interface drop-down menu and click Apply and then OK button.
  • Click on add new button (+) again and put my LAN Gateway IP address (In this report: into the Address input box and choose your LAN interface (In this report: LAN) from Interface drop-down menu and click Apply and OK button [7].

G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTWAN.jpg

Figure 3.14: WAN configuration in MikroTik router.

G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTLAN.jpg


Figure 3.15: LAN configuration in MikroTik router. MikroTik gateway Configuration

After completing WAN and LAN IP configuration, then I configure MikroTik gateway which is provided by ISP. So, follow below simple steps to assign gateway IP in MikroTik router.

  • Go to IP > Routes menu. Route List window will show now. I can see two dynamic routes are already added in this Route List. Click on add new button (+). New Route window will appear as soon as I click the button. Now put gateway address (in this report: which is provided by ISP in Gateway input field. Then click Apply and OK button [7].

G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTGATEAWAY.jpg


Figure 3.16: Gateway configuration in MikroTik router. MikroTik DNS Configuration

After completing three Important configuration. So now follow The steps to configure DNS in MikroTik router.

  • Go to IP > DNS menu. DNS Settings window will show now. In this window, put DNS server address that you have got from ISP company or I can use public DNS IP ( in Servers input box. I can put secondary DNS IP ( in Servers input box [7].

G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDNS.jpg


Figure 3.17: DNS configuration in MikroTik router. MikroTik NAT Configuration

After completing gateway configuration, I have to create a NAT firewall rule to masquerade my LAN IP. Otherwise, LAN user cannot access internet through MikroTik router. So, follow below steps to create the masquerade firewall rule in MikroTik router.

  • Go to IP > Firewall menu and click on NAT tab and then click on add new button (+) button. New NAT Rule window will show now.
  • Choose Chain: srcnat and Src. Address: under General tab and choose Action: masquerade from Action tab and then click Apply and OK button [7].


G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTNAT 1.jpg


Figure 3.18: NAT configuration in MikroTik router. MikroTik DHCP Server Configuration

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client/server protocol where a DHCP server automatically provides an Internet Protocol (IP) address and other related information such as subnet mask, default gateway and DNS to DHCP clients. Generally, every MikroTik router has a built-in DHCP service. So now follow The steps to configure DHCP in MikroTik router.

  • Go to IP > DHCP Server menu from your winbox. DHCP Server window will shown.
  • In DHCP Server window, click on DHCP Setup button and choose the interface (in this report: LAN) in which you want to setup DHCP server from DHCP Server Interface drop-down menu and then click on Next button.
  • Now put LAN network block in DHCP Address Space input box and click Next button. DHCP client/LAN user will get IP from this network.
  • Choose gateway address for the given network in Gateway for DHCP Network input box and then click Next button.
  • Provide IP range from which DHCP client/LAN user will get IP in Address to Give Out input box and click Next button.
  • Provide preferred DNS server IP and click Next button.
  • Now provide IP lease time and click Next button. Default lease time is 30 minute.
  • DHCP setup is complete now and a successful message will be shown [7].

G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDHCP 1.jpg

Figure 3.19: DHCP Server window and DHCP interface Setup in MikroTik router.


G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDHCP 2.JPG


Figure 3.20: DHCP address space Setup in MikroTik router.


G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDHCP 3.JPG


Figure 3.21: Choose gateway address in DHCP network.


G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDHCP 4.JPG


Figure 3.22: Provide IP range from which DHCP client in MikroTik router.


G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDHCP 5.JPG

G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDHCP 6.JPG


Figure 3.23: Provide DNS server IP and IP lease time which DHCP client in MikroTik router.


G:Amir FaisalDIU RESULTinturn shipNEW REPORTReportReportPicMKTDHCP 7.JPG



Figure 3.24: Show successful DHCP Setup massage.




3.4 Challenges

Training is very important for internship is the first stage, when an intern faces some problem during internship, then it is mandatory to provide training for address the problem. Problem has been identified& training can be solve it. Training can be described skills, concepts, improved performance in internship environment. Those challenges I was attend in ISN are given bellow.

  • Introduction The Real application of Networking
  • Corporate and Commercial Broadband service.
  • Different networks designed in local network and solved the problem
  • I have to face the challenge MikroTik, wireless router, DVR, configuration as per client requirement
  • I have to face the challenge Customer support over phone and physical support at client end. Network monitoring through Cacti, SNMP, Observium, OPmanager and Nagios.
  • Mail configure& Troubleshoot in eudora and outlook.
  • Create charts, graphs, or other visuals for official work.
  • Contribute in improving functionality and performance of computer systems
  • Managing user accounts and passwords
  • Router Administration
  • Support Service
  • Corporate VPN Service and Solution
  • Security
  • Server Monitoring
  • Details networking











4.1 Competencies Earned

After completed internship in Information Service Network ltd. I have gather knowledge  of deferent problem or Troubleshooting. Faces the many functionality of practical working. During my internship period I had assigned some Competencies Earned .Those earned I was try to done successfully. Those Competencies Earned are given bellow :

  • Troubleshoot hardware and software problems, both on workstations and Client end.
  • Perform general system maintenance and support.
  • Router Management, Monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Find solutions for mid level problems.
  • Research our company website provide weekly reports.
  • Develop our practical knowledge for real problem faces.
  • Increase my social personality together.
  • Real experience of working place.

4.2 Smart Plan

The overall analysis displays that, Information Service Network Ltd. is not providing a satisfactory level of services. The overall opinion of the customers does not reflect a high degree of satisfaction. The quality of overall service has to improve a lot to reduce the dissatisfaction of the customers who obviously do not enjoy the bad service.

I have some recommendation or smart plan for the satisfactory level of services given to the customer. some Guidelines for Better Services or smart plan are given below.

  • Every router switched server and user documentation should be backup. As a result  user  will be service as soon as possible
  • Increase the internet speed .
  • Reduction of the cost.
  • Appoint IT or Business professional in the Management.
  • Human resource enrichment .
  • More marketing research.
  • Centralized and  Suitable time plan.
  • Understanding the customers problem and Steps needed to solve the problems .
  • Customers should be kept informed of progress.
  • Add new features to services
  • Strong user security and avoid false billing.
  • New promotional advertisement activity.
  • Quick technical service to the customers.
  • Door to door bill collection by the organization.
  • Meeting with the clients for the feedback.


4.3 Reflections

Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if I don’t have any experience. A successful internship can help me turn a experience into a career opportunity. So, as a successful internship my future Reflection plan.

  • Configuration and maintenance  Wi-Fi  Router for our real life.
  • Configuration and maintenance  MikroTik  Router for our real life and that will help me get a job.
  • Maintenance Internal Work in ISP  that will help me get a job.
  • Configuration and maintenance varieties Software it is used in different ISP offices for the Client monitoring system. That knowledge will help me get a job.
  • Troubleshooting different problem that increasing  gather knowledge that helpful to improve experience.


The Reflections of a great think that would be like in the future profession or a good job.I hope that Through this internship variety of positions and have many career paths available to them. Internship functions often include areas such as Network Engineer, Network Manager, Technical Support Engineer, and IT Engineer.

  • Network Analyst or Network Engineer

After completed my internship, I have an opportunity to work various type of networks for example LANs, MAN, WANs etc. Network analyst or network engineer can determine network capacity requirements and design a infrastructure that can handle it and also monitor, administrate the network.

  • Technical Support Engineer

Information Service Network ltd gives me an opportunity to work as a Technical Support Engineer. Technical support engineer responsibilities give technical support, It can be software related, hardware or systems related & network related. Need give technical support and ensure system is always running.

  • IT Engineer

Information Service Networker other ISP company gives me an opportunity to work as an IT Engineer. Network support IT support engineer, helpdesk support, network administrator, security engineer and systems support engineer.




5.1 Discussion and Conclusion

I above has discussed the structure and working method of ISN. where I will discuss about the basic problem of ISN. I have discuss some recommendation or plan for the satisfactory level of services given to the customer. The Basic services have become commodities and customers are looking for new services to add value. Additional offerings such as quality of service, bundled services, banking, e-commerce etc. are also becoming attractive to customers. There is a clear change of strategy both within an ISP and between ISPs.

The purpose of the report was to do an evaluation of the customer satisfaction of Information service  Network and scope for its improvement To survive in the competitive environment ISN should satisfy the customer, otherwise the environment is too competitive to loose the clients. And most of the time clients have a little cost and sometimes no cost to switch to other organization. To satisfy the customer ISN can follow the proposed suggestion and can progress accordingly, which might help ISN to retain the clients and make the clients loyal to the organization. All in all, Internet service provision is an extremely complex and dynamic area and detailed investigation of any part of it is beyond the scope of this report.

I gather a lot of experience and this is a great opportunity for me to complete this internship on “MikroTik Router and Monitoring Software Configuration and Maintenance “Information Service Network (ISN) During this internship, I considered to implement and test the operating system.

Now  I am able to create or maintain different types of routers, which is very helpful for my future. It gives me the chance to meet the real life networking system which is very effective for me in future.





5.2 Scope for Further Career

Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if I don’t have any experience. A successful internship can help me turn a experience into a career opportunity. So, as a successful internship my future scopes will be.

  • Configuration and maintenance  server for our real life.
  • To work in ISP platform.
  • To be a network administrator into the job environment.
  • To be work IT company.
  • To be a computer network expert.
  • To be a network engineer.
  • To be a server administrator.
  • To be a Router administrator.
  • To be a security engineer.
  • To be an information technology (IT) manager.
  • To be able technical support.
  • To be a IT engineer.



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