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Investigation of Application Traffic on VOIP Network


note 3

Investigating the old students projects related to topic

Constructing the VoIP network required

Making a call between two points where the application traffic can be applied

Taking necessary measurements to make the traffic flow in the correct order without loss.


The main aim of project is to control the application traffic along with the call which was made by using techniques like queuing etc., note 4


note 5

Investigating about the VoIP networks

Developing the network suitable for the project scenario


Creating the report of the investigation done on the analysis on the network traffic.

The deliverables for this project should include:

A detailed report on the project

A working system

A working prototype

A detailed design from which a working system can be produced

A feasibility study


note 7

Mr. Charanjit Marwaha

Hardware and Software Required: note 8

Cisco routers – 4

VoIP phones – 2

Host systems – 2


Research of the VoIP technology

Construction of the network frame

Development of the network

Analysis of the traffic

Investigation the traffic

Gantt Chart

February – Research on the VoIP

March – Construction of the Network

April – Analysis of the data

May – submitting the investigated report

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B: Skills Audit

Skills required to undertake project: note 9

Level 7 Modules: (Certificate)


Optimization of network technology

Level 7 Modules: (Diploma)

Skills developed by project note 10

About the application traffic on the VoIP network


Analysing the application traffic on the VoIP network when the call is made between two VoIP phones,

Critical Appraisal:

Investigating the application traffic on the VoIP network has to be done by using different commands such as call manager, signalling etc.,

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C: Project Authorisation

Proposal approved by:


I confirm that the proposed deliverables and methodology meet the specific requirements of the project module and that the project is of a practical or problem solving nature.



Notes note 11
Course Director:

I confirm that the proposed deliverables and methodology meet the specific requirements of the project module and that the project is of a practical or research-based.




Allocated Project Supervisor: Notes
Other Comments

D: Guidance Notes for completion of this form

The following guidance is given to assist students in completing this proposal document

Note 1: Completion Date of project

You must check the exact project completion date for the semester in which you register for the module.

Semester A (September) start – completion date will be in September of the following year.

Semester B (January) start – completion date will be in May the following year.

Please check the Module Guidelines for further information.

Note 2: Project Module Code

You must indicate which project module you have registered for.

Masters students select from:

P7CS – MSc Computer Science Project

P7BC – MSc Business Computing Project

P7DNS – MSc Data Networks and Security Project

P7C – MSc Computing Project

You need to undertake the project that is associated with the final award you are seeking to obtain.

You must ensure that you have met all of the specific pre-requisites (if any) stated in the requirements for the project module.

Note 3: Background

This should describe the purpose of the project and outline the main activities that you intend to undertake as part of the project.

Note 4: Aims

These should define the key directions that the project will undertake. No more than three aims should be stated.

Note 5: Objectives

These should define what will have been achieved by the end of the project. Your objectives must be measurable.

You should ensure that your objectives are linked to demonstrating that the skills of analysis, synthesis and critical appraisal.

Note 6: Deliverables

A deliverable is a product that can be checked for suitability and quality: they will be the physical proofs that you have met your objectives.

Your project must produce a tangible product, other than the project report, for example:-

  • a working system
  • a working prototype
  • a detailed design from which a working system can be produced
  • a feasibility study

Note 7: Supervisor

This is the person, or group, for whom the “tangible product” is being produced.

The Supervisor must be someone other than yourself who specifies the requirements of project and assesses the quality and suitability of the product.

Note 8: Hardware and Software Required

This should indicate what software and hardware you expect to use in undertaking your project. You must also state the dates you expect to need any specialist items.

Note 9: Skills required to undertake project

You must list each of the modules that you have undertaken at Level 7 and indicate which skills (or tools and techniques) covered in that module you intend to use to undertake your project.

You must also list each of the Level 7 modules that you registered for, and indicate which skills covered in that module you intend to use in your project.

Note 10: Skills developed by project

The postgraduate project module will assess you on your ability to demonstrate that you have the key skills of analysis, synthesis and critical evaluation. For each of these skills explain which part of your project will allow you to show that you have these skills.

Your project proposal must show how you intend to demonstrate that you have achieved the following key skills:-

  1. Project Management skills – The ability of the student to manage time and risks in order to produce quality deliverables and to meet scheduled milestones.
  2. Analytical skills – The ability of the student to collate information from a variety of sources, and to assess the relative importance of this information to the project.
  3. Synthesis skills – The ability of the student to select and apply appropriate tools and techniques to design, implement and test the efficacy of the project’s deliverables.
  4. Critical Appraisal skills – The ability of the student to identify, and apply, criteria for the evaluation of the project and to draw general conclusions.

Note 11: Project Approval

Once you have completed an electronic copy of the form (using MS Word 2007), you should email a copy of it to your supervisor by the deadline for project proposal submission (students will be informed by the Project Coordinator when to submit the Project Proposal)

You supervisor will ensure that your project proposal represents a project that:-

  • meets the requirements of the postgraduate project module
  • can be achieved by you using the resources available

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