Music Dissertation Topics

Music Genres If you are unsure what to write your dissertation about but know you love a specific genre of music, maybe start with that! Whether it is hip-hop, classical or country, whatever the genre may be you could find a great topic from using this as your basis. Take a look at some of … Read More»

Real Estate Dissertation Topics

Mortgages Mortgage rates can be discussed in relation to many different topics. This is a popular topic amongst Real Estate students. Example mortgage dissertation topic 1: Assessing the sub-prime melt down in California: A five year review The immediate global repercussions of the American sub-prime market are well documented and, in the first instance, this … Read More»

Physical Education Dissertation Topics

History of Sport If you are interested in how physical education has changed over the years, these examples will give you some ideas and would be an interesting route to take: Example history of sport dissertation topic 1: A review of the facilities offered in the gymnasiums of England’s public schools 1970-2012. Noting the comments … Read More»

Psychology Dissertation Topics

Development Psychology If you are interested in human development then you might want to complete a dissertation in development psychology. This could focus on child development, adolescence, adult life or the entire lifespan. This could be a very interesting topic, take a look at a few of our suggestions below: Example development psychology dissertation topic … Read More»

Mental Health Dissertation Topics

Suicide and Self-harm Whilst this topic can be destressing, it is very important that it is researched and investigated. If you know you are interested in examining this topic but are not sure where to start, maybe these suggestions can help:   Example suicide and self-harm dissertation topic 1: Measuring suicidal intent amongst those who … Read More»

Media Dissertation Topics

Internet Media Choosing to write a dissertation revolving around the internet can take many different forms. From social media to advertising, viral videos to our internet footprints there are lots of different options when it comes to the internet! Example internet media dissertation topic 1: The internet as a public sphere – an analysis of … Read More»

Anthropology Dissertation Topics

Anthropology Dissertation Topics We have provided a selection of example anthropology dissertation topics below to help and inspire you. Language If you are interested in the spoken word then maybe a dissertation based around language is a good idea! Take a look at some of our suggestions below: Example language dissertation topic 1: A study … Read More»

Accounting Dissertation Topics

Financial Accounting and Reporting Financial Accounting and reporting is a popular topic choice, it focuses on key accounting, policy selection and accounting standards. Accounting data and financial statements are usually developed and presented. Example financial accounting and reporting dissertation topic 1: A comparative evaluation of the success of ‘green’ accounting policy within the finance departments … Read More»

Geography Dissertation Topics

Population If you are interested in human contribution to global warming as this is quite relevant currently, this may be the topic area for you! You can have a look at the examples below for further information: Example population dissertation topic 1: The development of Chicago as a city during the nineteenth century: A comparative study … Read More»

Management Dissertation Topics

Stakeholder Management If you are interested in how the different parties involved or affected by a certain project or programme are managed then the topic of Stakeholder Management might be the right one for you. Here are some examples: Example stakeholder management dissertation topic 1: A comparison of the efficacy of customer loyalty programmes: The … Read More»

Social Work Dissertation Topics

Social Work in the Media The way social workers are represented in the media is a fascinating subject to look into for your dissertation. From high profile cases to portrayals in television programmes, deciding to do your dissertation on social work in the media could be a very exciting venture! Take a look at some … Read More»

Philosophy Dissertation Topics

Historical Philosophy Taking a look into the origins of philosophy and the philosophers who shaped the way the subject is taught today is a fascinating way to approach your dissertation. You could consider comparing their teachings to the modern day or comparing the theorists of the time! Example historical philosophy dissertation topic 1: ‘Bellum omnium … Read More»

Teacher Dissertation Topics

Example teacher training dissertation topic 1: An assessment of whether England and Wales are moving towards a single method of teacher training. The removal of the Graduate Teacher Training Programme and its replacement by Schools Direct – in which applicants are unpaid (unless they have been in paid employment for the previous three years) has … Read More»

Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics

Historical Theatre A very popular topic in the subject of theatre, looking back at the origins of performance, exploring Shakespeare, historical theatre settings and the evolution of script and costume. Example historical theatre dissertation topic 1: Recreating theatre within outdoor historical settings: An investigation. Noting the increased use of historic backdrops to outside theatre – … Read More»

Quantity Surveying Dissertation Topics

Construction Organisation and Management If you are interested in how the construction industry and organisation projects are managed, this is the topic for you. To help out, have a look at the examples listed below: Example construction organisation and management dissertation topic 1: Quantity surveyors, project management, power and leadership: Adopting an appropriate style. Given … Read More»

Nursing Dissertation Topics

Public Health Service Maybe your interests lie within public health services, whether that is local practices or nationwide services this topic could be for you and could lead to a very unique dissertation! Take a look at some of our recommendations below: Example public health service dissertation topic 1: Mentoring in the NHS: A case … Read More»

Sociology Dissertation Topics

Contemporary Social Issues The current issues in regards to matters such as gender, sex, age, race, social-exclusion and inequality within society may be of interest to you. Here are some good dissertation topics that you could consider: Example contemporary social issues dissertation topic 1: The welfare state and its effects on reducing incidence of poverty in … Read More»

Theology and Religion Dissertation Topics

Religion and Marriage A very popular and interesting subject within theology and religion is that of the union of two people which is categorised as marriage. Each religion has different teachings and practices that could be explored in the subject of marriage which could lead to a fascinating dissertation. Take a look at some of … Read More»

Sports Dissertation Topics

Sports and Exercise Physiology If you are interested in how the human body functions both anatomically and physiologically, Sport and Exercise Physiology would be a very interesting topic. Have a look at some of our suggestions listed below: Example sports and exercise physiology dissertation topic 1: Decreases in body mass in ultra-endurance swimming: Case studies … Read More»

Biology Dissertation Topics

Animal and Insect Biology In your are interested in the animal kingdom then this is the subject for you! Take a look at some of our animal biology suggestions below: Example animal and insect biology dissertation topic 1: Ecology and management of the bloody-nosed leaf beetle (Timarcha tenebricosa) The continued expansion of towns and cities … Read More»

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