Investigating Organizational Data Warehouse and Its Security


Information Technology plays very important role in Business. It’s including labour cost, product cost, marketing, service and improving productivity. To provide a good quality of service, organizations need huge information from macro level to international level. To accumulate this huge information and analysis in a systematic way business organizations need data warehouse. In my research I will discuss, analysis and impact the of data warehouse (DW) on business .I also discuss its security issues.

In the research I will scrutiny data warehouse operational layers such as source layer, ETL layer and Analysis layer, Investigating its implementations and security issues. Analysis some organizational data warehouse, interview with their management team, developer, researcher and find out the impact of data warehouse on their business.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Mankind has always challenged with the unexplained, uncertain, and unknown matters. Human being by nature is curious and inquisitive. They deliberately like to attempt to explore the unknown world around them, questioned, and unexplained working and peculiar incidences. In doing so, men have used different methods or approaches to from ideas and develop visible understanding of events, experience and incidents that took place around their immediate and distant surroundings. In their process of investigation human being used various methods of investigation.

However, with the advancement of sciences, mankind became more organized and systematic in their process of seeking explanation and answer to unknown queries, future planning, future challenges etc. For that reason the business organizations accumulate all their relevant information in computer disk in a systematic way which we call database. Database and database theory have been using in the world for a long time .Early year versions of database centred around a single database serving every purpose from transaction to batch processing to analytical processing (Inmon, 2005 p-19 ) but now a days it’s not possible to store all the information in a single database .So organizations use multiple database to operate their business. Some database use to conduct daily operations and some use only to analyze business. The databases that use to store historic data to analyze business is called data warehouse. In modern business data warehouse plays important role.

1.1 Reason for choosing this topic:

As we know human nature change every day but due to globalization it’s changing very rapidly, that means people changing their culture, food, life style very frequently. There is also some outer reason like economic recession, famine also force people to change their lifestyle .That’s why the organization needs to change their business strategy very frequently to establish themselves in this competitive market . They have to face huge business challenge and technical challenge in near future .That’s why organizations need to extend their IT facilities to increase their performances.

To increase organizational performance almost all the modern organizations build their own database. They are desperate to collect information from the public at any means and these organizations are on race from retail to bank everyone offer customer royalty point and collect the valuable informations most of the time , customer doesn’t realise that someone collecting information about them . Some companies purchase from another organization.

Data warehouse first came in late 1980 form IBM and now a days without data warehouse support, companies cannot run successfully ( Schroeck 2000).Data warehouse now only limited within large organization ,small and medium organization still not benefited from data warehouse advantage because its implementations , operations and securities are still costly .Due to global recession small and medium organizations are struggling to survive ,they can’t effort to implement data warehouse. So I believe it’s very important to do more research on data warehouse to simplify its design and cost so everyone can enjoy its benefits. Security of data warehouse is a big challenge in this current situation .As the informations are the key point of success , so every organization try level best to gather informations .

In most resent time organization like Sony, NHS, Department of work and pension lost their huge amount of data because someone breach the security . So ensure data warehouse security is very important, it’s necessary to put extra emphasis in my research on data warehouse security.

1.2 Research Question:

The main focus of the research can be discovered with some questions and answers. A research question is very important to find out the aims and objectives of a research. The main question of the research is:

  1. What are the significant factors of the impact on a business using a data warehouse?
  2. What are the steps are necessary to secure the data warehouse ?

1.3 Purpose and Objectives of this research:

Purpose: The purpose of this research is to improve the organization’s performance through using a modern Information Technology called data warehouse and ensure its security .

Objective: The research is accomplished through the following objectives.

  1. Role of Data warehouse.
  2. design and Implementations
  3. Security Issues
  4. Conclusion and Recommendation

1.4 Methods/Resources of Data collection & communications:

  1. Books, journal articles, electronic documents
  2. Interviewing data warehouse users ,developer, researcher
  3. Organizational Case study

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