Problem Management or More Company Research

1. Executive summary

The management of countdown suffering from some problems related to customer service, management and staff which are leading them to losing reputation in today’s competitive market and bringing the sales level down. I got the opportunity through this assignment to research on the current problems and find valid and feasible recommendation which can be implemented to overcome from the current situation.

I followed up with reasonable survey in countdown with management, internal and external customers to draw my opinion on them.

2. Introduction

2.1 Setting for the project

The main reason I have selected this organisation because I have been working in Countdown Greenlane since 2008, so it’s obvious to have good practical knowledge of the store and also I can easily collect any needed information for this project.

As I have noticed and been through some problems related to OTHERS topic refers to PART A, which are the causes of decline in sales and reputation, so overall project setting is based on providing recommendation on those current store problems. I collected all the information needed before starting and specified clear goals of the project because project setting is not possible without having clear specifications of the project on hand. The project is all about identify the problems related to store management and providing appropriate recommendation for improvement and to avoid the future mistakes.

2.2 Problem opportunity or research for questions

The mostly discovered problems are related to poor management and addressed through the application of business research principles by performing the questionnaires to management and customers. The main problem of the store is lack of awareness of surroundings and avoiding of responsibilities by management. Management and staff don’t keep a constant look out for the things are not right and staffs are not presenting professional image.

The management needs to be very clear about high expectations defined in organizations goal statement and how its work will impact the organization and its customers. The following points are covered in questionnaires to identify the real problems so that the recommendation can be provided based on these problems.

  • Customer service
  • Lack of knowledge in staff
  • Environment
  • Products
  • Self presentation
  • Irresponsible management

2.3 Value of research for organization/Management concepts and principles

The research provides a better understanding of the current problems of the countdown which are effecting its reputation and sales. Gathering the information which helps countdown Greenlane to analyse the problems around the store, also can enable buyers to effectively utilize the services provided by a corporation.

Research shows the better a management understands how to use the human resources and other facilities of the organization, the higher their level of success, more satisfaction and are customers inclined to recommend that product and services to others. Research is significant as it shows differences exist between management responsibilities and actual performance being done by them.

Recommendation on research can give views of its business value potential to the countdown and will also help in guiding an organization about the problems related to its management and ensure that its members understand organization purpose and stay on track to accomplish its goals.

By assessing the current stage of real problems can help to plan for future for the its success and proper implementation of strategic business value delivering to the customers, deliverables also include a strategic defines for the operation with all stakeholders and actionable recommendations to further enhance the business value potential of the countdown.

2.4 Aims and purpose of studies

The aim is to identify the problems related to sales, performance, staff management and customer service and irresponsible management.

These problems need to be rectified as these affecting its reputation barrier to success.

Overall research will help to provide recommendation which support to develop recommendations based on the problems so the business performance can be enhanced and evaluating its weak management points to implement a new strong strategic management plan.

3. Methodology

3.1 Research process together primary data explained and justified

Primary data is that which is collected by the researcher to address the current research question. A type of primary data contains demographics, work style characteristics, attitudes, knowledge, intentions, motivations, and behaviours.
Primary data collected in the field through communication and observation.
Attended meeting with store manager to obtain overall information about store operating methods and maintenance, meeting with different department’s managers and staff to obtain overall identification of problems.

For comparison the details of retailing procedure, supermarket induction which covers aspects of professional behaviours and appearances collected.

3.2 Primary process/size of sample population

Department heads became primary process managers in countdown. Each primary process manager is charged with the task of implementing Process Management of organization. The five-step model (identify, document, measure, manage and improve) are described below, the supporting structure required for successful implementation.

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