Criminology dissertation titles

Criminology Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example criminology dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

To research British Private Security Companies operating overseas, establishing the need for their regulation and the options available. How would the suggested regulation subsequently affect the PSC operations and profitability?

Are large entities of the Jamaican society criminal? What does the evidence show?

Care in the community – Do Neighbourhood Watch Schemes reduce Rates of Burglary?

Crime and the American Dream.

Discrimination Policies in Policing: The UK and UAE explored.

Gender is not the main cause of sexual and domestic violence.

Given that Al-Qaeda uses modern communications as a means of garnering support, is it more effective to police the transmission of such information without curtailing basic human rights to privacy, or should the right to personal privacy be upheld despite its inherent threats?

How has Crime and Punishment changed over the years?

Is the UK effective in its methods of prosecuting corporate fraud offenders?

Male ex-offenders and how it affects employment in the UK.

The myth and the reality of rape among men and women.

The relation between police and media. Their impact on society of this relationship.

The UK has the highest level of dependent drug use and among the highest level of recreational drug use in Europe. What legislation change should be made to control drugs?

To what extent can it be argued that youth crime is a social construction?


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