Cultural studies dissertation titles

Cultural Studies Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example cultural studies dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

How is the Internet a resource for recruitment and propaganda and what can be done to monitor and minimise its impact? What content is policed and censored? Could this be detrimental to international security efforts?

An examination of the representation of conspiracy theories in the mainstream American media.

An Interpretation of Desire-Subject in Fashion products advertisement by Jacques Lacan’s Psychoanalysis Theory.

Assess the ways in which cultural and rights claims contribute to change in international order.

Critical and Applied Research Methods.

Multiculturalism and Difference in South Africa: Examining the case of the Coloured community during and post Apatheid.

Write an essay exploring the relationship(s) among race, understood (as it is now almost universally understood) as socially and politically constructed and therefore neither “scientific” nor biological, and visual technologies (for example, photography).

To what extent can it be argued that youth crime is a social construction?


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